6 Easy Steps To Manifest Your Dreams And Live A Fulfilling Life

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How often do you see someone and think that they are living the life you want? Or see something you desire but can’t get? Does fulfilling these desires seem impossible? Like they remain to be dreams?    

This article will give you answers on how to make it happen. Having dreams is step 1 for a better life. Next, you need to change your mindset and put in the work necessary to see your dreams manifest.

How To Manifest Your Dreams?

Here is the formula that will help you manifest your dreams and live a life of purpose.

Create A Vision About Your Dreams

Visualization is a powerful way to manifest your dreams. Making your aspiration come true mentally is step 1 to achieving it in real life.

In a study at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation [1], results showed a powerful connection between the mind and the body. It showed that mental efforts activate the same part of the brain as physical efforts. Success in manifesting your dreams begins in the mind. Visualizations bring you one step closer to making it a reality.

Picture how you want your life to be once you manifest your dream. Create a vision board. Add all the things associated with achieving your dreams and put them in a banner. Internalize every detail as the truth about your future and stick the images in your mind.

Visualization sheds light on the end result of manifesting your dream. You can later use it for guidance and inspiration when working on your vision.

Start with having a vision


Step 2 is to believe in the manifestation of the dream in your life. Let go of fear and develop a sense of self-efficacy. Albert Bandura, the father of self-efficacy, says you need to believe in your capacity to carry out behaviors that influence a specific performance. It is vital in manifesting dreams.

Self-efficacy gives you confidence in your ability to control your motivation and behavior to align with your ambitions. You handle situations threatening the achievement of your desires with authority.

Here are the best tools you can use to improve your self-belief by intention and learn how to manifest your dreams:

1. Meditate

Meditation is one way to help clear your mind of self-doubt and lead your thoughts towards success. Make meditation a habit and love the process. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Relax in a quiet space with your eyes closed.
  • Step 2: Concentrate on your breathing and body movements, like the expansion of your belly and chest. Feel your heartbeat.
  • Step 3: Lead your thoughts to your vision. Paint a detailed mental picture of your dreams.
  • Step 4: Go back to focusing on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

2. Practice Mindful Yoga

Like meditation, mindful yoga is a technique that transforms your mindset and develops your focus, clarity, and control. Practice it with the intention to manifest your dreams.

Sync your breath with your movements. Regularly pause in a pose and lead your thoughts back to positivity. You will become in tune with your mind and body and increase your confidence. Use self-affirming language to believe in your abilities to achieve your dreams, an example is “I can and I will.” Thank yourself for taking an action that leads you to your desire.

3. Recite Positive Affirmations

A fact of life is that words have power. You can use them to get freedom from fear in your life. An affirmation transforms your inner state by altering your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. They direct your mind from negative thinking patterns that prevent you from manifesting your dreams in life.

Speak them at least three times every day and believe them as the truth. Speak them anywhere while in a relaxed state. Writing them on a paper can also help engage your entire being into the words. Find an area of weakness and work on it, for example, if fear is your flaw, say “I am fearless and empowered to make my dreams come true”.

Meditate to clear your mind

Take Action

With a vision and enough self-belief to manifest it, put in the work. Plan first. Preparing makes it easier to take action, think strategically, and handle challenges.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, one task is to read books and magazines on entrepreneurship. Sign up to get business articles delivered to your inbox and listen to the best business speaker in your intended area of business. Take a course and try to interact with other visionary students.

Make a list of the steps to take and the details of how these steps will look like. For instance, when will you quit your job and how much should you have saved? What costs will you cut to increase your savings?

Have specific terms like reducing your visits to the movies and eating out a lot less. Stipulate the frequency of saving, and everything else necessary to implement your idea to build a business. Women entrepreneurs who are moms can plan on how to manifest their dream business from home.

If you have a problem starting, get ideas from your best idol. Read their book or assess their style of working. You can then use your skills, knowledge, and strengths to guide you into making your outcome unique and valuable.

Next, take the step of handling the first bit. For example, try to create a sample of the product you intend to sell in your new business or create categories of whatever services you will offer, and the others will flow easily.

Plan and take action

Be Patient

Know what you want in the end but be flexible about your expectation on the specifics details of the outcome, such as time. For instance, you cannot expect to post a million dollars in profits from your business in a month. You might grow impatient if it takes longer and regret your efforts. This attitude then blocks you from achieving your desire in life.

Do your part by taking action, then allow the dreams to manifest. Find contentment in every stage of the journey. Do not question the process or have negative thoughts and fears.

Set dreams that you have the potential of achieving and break any relationship making you lack inspiration. Find ways to develop your ability for delayed gratification. If you need to save money for your business and get the impulse to buy an item with the money, think of the excitement of making enough profits to buy anything you want.

Mindfulness can also help develop patience in your mission. Feel the impatience but do nothing about it, and allow it to pass.

Learn to be patient

Stay Persistent

Get out of bed daily with a focus on manifesting your dreams into reality and achieving your desire in life. Start each day with inspirational stories from the type of people who stir up your hunger to achieve your desire.

Be consistent with your efforts despite any doubts and fears. Study successful entrepreneurs in your community, they often face a difficult situation or two without giving up. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your goal, break it into small short-term goals that build-up to the larger goal.  And to see your desires manifest, dream realistically.

Build relationships with like-minded individuals. Interact with the ones who carry positive energy and the right intentions. The people in your world should love you enough to want you to live your dream life. Anyone who does not support you or point out the issues blocking the path of your dreams manifesting is not a true friend.

Do not be in war with yourself or deny yourself something that will make you happy again while pursuing your goals. Keep your energy on top by creating time for those you love.

Here are four practices to keep your head clear. They will give you the power you need to get the job done and manifest your dreams:

  1. Exercise
  2. Make healthy food choices
  3. Get quality sleep
  4. Take breaks

Develop healthy habits. Your health and wellness have the power to influence your level of focus and how much you achieve. Feeling stressed makes it hard to find joy in the process of your dream manifestation.

Persistence and consistency is key

Feel Grateful

People living their dream have a place for gratitude in their lives. According to the law of attraction, the universe makes a positive thought draw positive experiences in your life while a negative thought attracts negative experiences. Every thought carries energy. This energy is released into the universe and shapes your experiences.

Gratitude will help you manifest your dreams into reality using the laws of the universe. It provides a positive attitude by having you focus on the good in your life rather than the obstacles. This, in turn, has the universe bringing positive things in your life, the right people, and many opportunities.

Appreciate everything in your world and see life as a gift. Gratitude alters the emotion you respond with to different circumstances. Joy and happiness in life is a reflection of a grateful heart.

It is best to make gratefulness your state of mind and have it order your day. Do not be a person who appreciates things going their way and carry negativity whenever they experience lack or tough moments. The negative vibration will attract negatives from the universe.

Make a commitment to list your blessings and consistently have a positive emotion. Pay attention to the energy you release. Find ways to appreciate everyone and everything surrounding your reality. For instance, as you take a walk, seize the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature.

See barriers as an opportunity to achieve development. Keep a gratitude journal. Find something to appreciate, including things that are yet to come.

Be thankful for blessings in life


If you can visualize it, you can live your dream life. Learn how to optimize the power of the universe using the law of attraction and love, how to believe in yourself for your dream’s manifestation, how to consistently do the work needed to fulfill your desire, and wait for your dreams time to materialize in your life. Know more about how to develop healthy practices and an attitude of gratitude when you download the secret book pdf. Follow these tips and you will experience your dream manifesting.