What Are The 12 Universal Laws?

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When many people hear about the laws of the universe, they usually think of the Law of Attraction. However, it seems there is an entire system of interconnected spiritual laws that can influence every aspect of our lives. Mastering the 12 Universal Laws can transform every aspect of your life. At times, the understanding itself will bring the change we need to produce the results we desire.

In this post, we’ll discuss the 12 Universal Laws, their meaning and impact on your life so that with this consciousness and understanding, you will know how to be at peace with everything in the universe. This will also enable you to live your life with more purpose and intention.

The Universe reacts to just one thing: purposeful action. And you can only take purposeful action if you know exactly what you want, where you want to go and what you want to achieve. With this clarity of purpose and intention, you can definitely set yourself on the path towards personal growth, success, and greatness.

What Are The 12 Laws Of The Universe?

So, what are the Universal Laws? Well, they are invariable principles that cause the world to go round. They consist of a network of spiritual laws that interconnect intricately to create the perfect balance and harmony in every part of your home, work, and you.

Mastering these 12 Universal Laws will enable you to gain a good understanding of how the universe operates. You’ll also know how to apply the Law of the Universe to your day-to-day routine. Here is our breakdown of the 12 Universal Laws and how to apply them in your own life.

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How to Apply The 12 Different Universal Laws

1. Law Of Divine Oneness

The first of the Laws of Universe is the Law of Divine Oneness, which states that every person, every living thing, and every situation (and in fact, everything) is connected. What a person thinks or does can affect your life in one way or another and vice versa.

This spirituality law explains that there are just one mind and one flow of energy, so we are connected to one another. In other words, each word you utter, each decision you make or each action you take has an influence on the Universe.

2. Law Of Vibration

The Law of Vibration explains that everything in the universe moves, vibrates, and travels in a circular motion. The same principle can be used to explain our thoughts, feelings, and desires. The old adage ‘like attracts like’ truly refers to how each and every thought, feeling, or emotion attracts similar or the same vibration energy.

Similar vibration frequencies attract, and that is how this Universe Law is connected to the Law of Attraction. Fortunately, we all have control over the vibrational energy that we release, and thus, control over any kind of energy or frequency that comes our way. [1]

Once we understand and harness this energy, it is extremely powerful and can guide us through our day-to-day lives. You like or dislike some individuals, places, or objects because the vibrational energy is not the same.

3. Law Of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence says that one’s outer and inner world is similar. In other words, your outward experience is a direct reflection of your thoughts and feelings.

A good concept that is commonly used to explain this law is the adage ‘as above, so below’. It simply means that your feelings in the physical world affect the non-physical world, which will then be noticed in the physical world.

It also implies that thoughts turn into reality, i.e. what happens in your brain is manifested on the outside. This law shows that your feelings have an impact on what you produce on the outside. So, it’s important to change the patterns that do not serve you anymore.

4. Law Of Attraction

As we’ve mentioned above, this is the most popular Law of Universe. It explains how to attract everything you desire in life. For instance, it seeks to bring the sort of dreams, achievements, and everything else you desire to reality. If you continuously feel, think, or do particular things, you generate an energy vibration that ultimately attracts the same frequencies.

Remaining proactive and staying positive will attract similar frequencies around you. On the contrary, staying negative, with fear or sadness will attract similar energies.

To avoid negative energies even when you feel down, you should focus your mind on the patterns that create joy and happiness. Since like attracts like, whatever you see around you is what you have been attracting. We attract what we focus our minds on. You can look at the secret law of attraction pdf free download for more information.

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5. Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy

According to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, you have the capability to change any aspect of your life, so you can become what you want. It’s your responsibility to rebuild yourself, but you can choose to accept or reject the chances that the world offers you. Energy is constantly moving, and everyone has a choice of whether to follow the flow or not.

If you think you’re not where you want to be, you can change your energies, thoughts, and actions in order to achieve whatever you desire. Such energy vibrations can overpower the disagreeable ones and ultimately, you will find yourself in the flow level you desire.

6. Law Of Cause And Effect

According to the Law of Cause and Effect, events don’t occur accidentally. Every action has an equivalent reaction. There’s a name for each and every religion. A related concept that can be used to explain this principle is the saying ‘you reap what you sow’. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Everything happens for a reason. This Universal Law is often associated with the law of karma. Whatever you do in your life has an impact on everything around you, which affects your spiritual life. Whatever you do, whether good or bad, will ultimately return to you. This should encourage you to be careful with your actions and think twice before you take any action.

7. Law Of Compensation

As we’ve already mentioned, all of these always are intricately connected, regardless of which of the 12 Universal Laws is involved. The Law of Compensation is quite similar to the Law of Cause and Effect. What you give to other people is what you get back. If you would like to get more of whatever you desire, then be whatever you would like to see.

If you manifest love, then you’ll receive love in plenty. Support others and the world and you will truly get back the help you need. If you do good deeds, you will get back good in abundance. The same will happen if you put out negative energy as well.

8. Law Of Relativity

According to the Law of Relativity, the Universe is entirely neutral whilst standing alone. Every challenge we face in life is an opportunity for us to change our perspective and life so we can continue improving ourselves. These obstacles allow us to learn to avoid judging people and events as good or bad, kind or unkind, beautiful or ugly, big or small, and so on.

When you face challenges, you should remember that yours isn’t the biggest challenge, someone else is facing a bigger challenge. It is relative. You should look within to find the power and strength to overcome those challenges.

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9. Law Of Polarity

According to the Universal Law of Polarity, everything around you has an opposite. If you have never seen darkness, you won’t appreciate the light. Cold weather compels you to appreciate warm weather. This awareness allows you to best appreciate the world. It helps us to focus on the patterns that matter most so we can be where we want to be.

This law will help you appreciate the difference between good and bad so that you can change the thoughts that you don’t want into the specific thoughts that you actually want.

10. Law Of Perpetual Motion

Sometimes known as the Law of Rhythm, this law is based on movement. It particularly states that everything moves in cycles. This is evident in nature, for example, in the seasons and the aging process of the body.

The Law of Rhythm similarly applies to an individual’s life stages, and thinking about this allows you to understand life better. The current season may be bad, but nothing lasts forever. While you may be going through a rough patch, it may be preparing you for better things to come next season. If the season is good, enjoy it to the fullest because nothing lasts forever. There may be a negative change in cycle next season.

11. Law Of Giving

This Law states that the more you give without expecting anything in return, the more you will receive back. Provided you give, you’ll receive. This can come back in the form of better relationships, friendships, money, gift, inheritances, and more.

This is because when you receive a gift, you are likely to give something in return. So, do keep prosperity circulating by giving the most valuable gifts and blessings: love, affection, appreciation, and caring.

12. Law Of Gender

This law does not really refer to natural gender. However, there’s both masculine and feminine energy within you. The Law of Gender teaches about exercising patience and persistence or masculinity in our day-to-day and long-term activities, as we look forward to manifestation or the results (femininity) of our efforts.

For you to live a life that you will always remember, you must balance the feminine and masculine energies within yourself. That’s the only want you can bring your goal to fruition.

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