Buenos Dias!

Spain and Spanish holds a very deep part of my heritage, and despite most people using English around me, I am often using this phrase to greet the people I meet everyday. Some people may think this is very strange of me, but I this is simply a personality trait of mine. Since I was a young boy 20 years ago, my parents (who are half Spanish and half Mexican) have owned a traveller’s lodge, in the deep countryside of Mexico. As a result, I was exposed to many different kinds of people from many different nationalities and continents. My favourite thing about this was that I was constantly talking to people from all over the world, and they fed me much knowledge and made me become who I am. However, for some reason, I noticed that many of the travellers that came to our lodge had some forms of depression or issues that were causing them to be unhappy or to run away. Therefore, when I was at a ripe young age of 12, I had been the secret service and pride of my lodge; a little helper who also counsels and helps the visitors. As a result, I learned to have a big heart for people and as a result I decided to create this blog. This blog was made so as to allow me to share with you my thoughts, my life, and any adventures that I have and will be going on so far. Please look forward to what I am posting in the next few months!


"Just few months back, I came to realized that I was being cheated on by my ex-girlfriend. I was constantly in a struggle because as much as I was broken, I didn't want to let go of my relationship with her. Then I stumbled upon this blog... I read, and I decided to reach out to Eric who have been a really great help to me. He was patient and gave me perspectives that failed to cross my mind before. Right now, I think I'm ready to let myself be free and happy. Thanks alot, man!"
Lucas Howard
Marketing Executive
"Eric has been really kind. Although the first time I contacted him, he told me that he is not a professional and just wanted to help people out, I think he really knows how to converse with people and let them know they are not alone - or at least, for me."
Mattew Park
University Student
"I think it's heartwarming how a young man like Eric strives to help people out with the little platform he has. I've been silently reading his blogs for several years (an old friend of mine recommended me this website) and didn't know how much it impacted me and the way I act around people until one day she told me that I started becoming more positive. She claimed that I used to have dark clouds around me all the time in the past! Haha... So I guess I would just have to thank Eric for dissipating my dark clouds away!
Julie Stephens
"What differs Eric from most bloggers that I know is how engaging he is with his reader. I must admit I was quite skeptical when I first came upon this website. I mean, there are tons of similar websites across the entire internet with the same niche... But when I decided to take chance and approach Eric due to some personal issue I was facing early this year, he was really helpful. I still don't know how he does it, but he gave me the courage and confidence I needed to accept what I was facing and made me feel like I was not in this situation alone. Thank you, Eric."
Paul Martin
Real Estate Agent