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How To Let Go Of The Past

We have all had our fair share of heart breaks where things haven’t gone our way or the people we trusted most have let us down. Letting go of the past is sometimes difficult. If you’ve lost a job or ...
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All About Why Life Is A Journey Not A Destination

We tend to consider life to be an end point we can reach with a good mindset or lots of possessions. Most motivational and journey quotes try to explain how to become or be happy. It’s probably the most taught ...
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Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Remember the kind of person you wanted to be when you were young? An astronaut, fireman, ballerina, entrepreneurs, engineer, surgeon, name them. We read to each other things like quotes to never give up on your dream in the world. ...
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5 Simple Ways To Control Your Thoughts Effectively

“Help! I can’t control my thoughts” Learning how to control the thoughts is definitely one of the most important skills you can develop [1]. The human brain is a very powerful organ, but some don’t know what it is capable ...
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5 Ways To Stop Thinking About Something

How do you stop thinking about something [1]? This is a question you have probably asked yourself multiple times whenever a thought takes control over your mind, feels you with anxiety, and makes it impossible to focus on other important ...
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