5 Simple Ways To Control Your Thoughts Effectively

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“Help! I can’t control my thoughts” Learning how to control the thoughts is definitely one of the most important skills you can develop [1]. The human brain is a very powerful organ, but some don’t know what it is capable of. Your mind is an essential part of you, and therefore, you need to ensure it is always stable.

Achieving a good state of mind can seem difficult as it sometimes wanders to thoughts that you cannot explain. Sometimes, you get lost in your thoughts until you miss out on things happening around you.

It is worth remembering that the mind is the source of everything, and your thoughts in your head impact your life significantly. It is a source of negative feeling like depression, anger, frustration, anxiety, name them. On the positive side, your state of mind can lead to happiness, confidence, self-esteem, etc. Well, That’s how powerful your thoughts can be.

Your thoughts determine how you feel at a particular time. Therefore, controlling the mind will determine how you can manage your feelings. You can improve the quality of your life if you learn how to control your thoughts and mind.

So the question is, can you control your thoughts? Can we control our thoughts in crisis? The reality is understanding the different types of thinkers and where you belong is an excellent step towards having a grip on it.

Different Types Of Thinkers

The more you interact with people, the much more you realize how differently they think. In reality, everyone will fall into a particular category of thinkers. Let’s check out some types of thinkers.

Analytical Thinker

Analytical thinkers see all sides of a problem before finding a solution. They separate it into manageable parts and start examining the elements one after another. Then, they consider different possibilities that could solve various part of the problem before choosing the most realistic option.

It is a category of problem solvers because of their organized nature of thinking and unique problem-solving approaches. Besides, they base their thinking on logic rather than emotions. They also consider the impact that their current decision may have in the future. On the downside, they require a lot of time to decide because of their overthinking tendency.

Creative Thinker

This category is those who can think outside the box. Precisely, they don’t get limited with ideas, and they can dish them out and come up with fresh ones. Thus, they get to develop ingenious solutions for any challenges they face in their lives.

For creative thinkers, imagination and innovation are basic things in life. They stand out from the crowd with their non-traditional way of thinking. With proper implementation, all the ideas they give are useful in solving any dilemma. However, society may sometimes be unhappy about their way of thinking that goes against the status quo.

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Visionary Thinker

They are, most of the time, the origin of ideas. The truth is analytical and logical thinkers mainly draw their ideas from this group for implementation. Visionary thinkers can invent things or conquer some of the difficult situations in different fields. These thinkers do not focus much on small and unbeneficial details. They never give up or lose sight of their dreams, unless of course, they adapt them to suit the changing times.

However, they see lofty opportunities for themselves, their loved ones, and other people. You will see this group starting small on everything they do and fearlessly going against the crowd. They are effective communicators who persist in communicating their ideas and are sure their effort is worth it. Professionally, visionary thinkers can excel as influencers, motivators, and marketers.

Intuitive Thinker

Intuitive thinkers are mainly situational thinkers as they tend to disregard what their thoughts and actions may lead to after that. According to intuitive thinkers, it is okay to pursue an idea if it feels right in the context, and they do not need to consult anyone. Besides, they are prepared for unexpected problems and will tackle them as they come in order to achieve their goals.

They may avoid, defuse, or find working solutions to the problems they face. An intuitive thinker will act according to their emotional response. That makes it easy for them to make a mistake that may bring negative impacts if implemented. They tend to be self-conscious and often feel happy for the trials of other people.

Logical Thinker

The abilities of a logical thinker are endless. They incorporate logic in all of their decision to ensure that it does not cause dire consequences later on in their lives. A progressive analysis is vital in the decision-making process of logical thinkers. Theirs is a step by step process until they solve the problem or achieve their goals.

One strength of this group is that they dismiss any emotional thoughts that come along. That allows them to weigh in on different options before finding a viable solution. Their ability to analyze hard facts contributes to their self-improvement. They also help other improve their lives or ways of thinking. Logical thinkers often drive the speed limit, solve office problems, look and organize things in order to achieve a certain goal.

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5 Ways To Improve Mind Control

Becoming the observer of your thoughts is a simple process. After understanding the various types of thinkers, you now need to decide where to belong then follow these five effective ways to achieve better control of mind.

1. Acknowledgment

The truth is, the first step towards improving your control on mind is the approach of acknowledging your thoughts. Gain more awareness of your thoughts. Denying negative thoughts every time they cross your mind will only trigger your brain health and worsen your mood.

Good examples include situations of self-criticism, worry, blame, procrastination, and destructive behaviors or habits. However, most individuals find difficulties in admitting that they are lost in negative thought even when someone else can see it.

To get any negative thought out of your mind and replace them with positive thoughts requires a strong will to accept your current emotion. Keep in mind that your outside world has a huge impact on your inner world given any circumstances. Conquering the desire to deny your situation helps to point out the negativity and welcome positivity to your head.

In fact, the power to control mind lies in acceptance. Going contrary to this can also result in long term impacts. The truth is continually denying negative thought can eventually cause depression or worsen the ideas to become suicidal.

The perfect tips are to practice mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is a great way to calm down, take a deep breath, and regain control of your mind. So be sure to do a reality check and pay attention to anything that matters.

Acknowledging your thoughts helps to shape your mind with positivity. Eventually, you will be able to improve the quality of your body health and eventually, your life. It also will help you make better notes and take control of your destiny. An acknowledgment will help you let the past go and have a new beginning with positive thoughts in your mind.

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2. Positivity Is Key

Identifying your negative voice, thoughts and their triggers can be one of the best steps towards how to control thoughts. Stopping negative thoughts helps you to maintain a positive mindset longer. In fact, there are several tricks and steps you can apply here to make room for a positive mindset. A thoughtful person can think about their thoughts and take control of them.

Whenever you think about not actually thinking about something – whether positive or negative, you’re obviously thinking about it. There’s no reason to dwell on the past, and it is important to learn how to let go of the past relationship, events, and memories in order to enjoy peace of mind.

For example, one that works for me starts from how I feel and working my way backward. Asking yourself how you feel right now, how you felt minutes, hours, or days before, and how you got there is a great way to regain positivity.

Positivity is a choice. Reflecting on anything that brings positive feelings is definitely worth it. That’s why it’s recommended to work mind-body techniques into your regular time schedule basis so you can of course experience the pleasure you desire in your heart and mind.

After the stage of identifying your negative state and the path that got you there, you should start erasing the thoughts from your mind. Immediately start thinking about the number of positive things that can replace the erased thoughts to help change your perspective.

Although it may sound silly at first, this technique works perfectly, and it could be the best way to remain positive. The best thing is to try it and repeat it once you experience it in case of a relapse. Breathe in gently as you try this technique as it requires a relaxed mind and voice.

3. Practice Self-love

Our minds give us the freedom to choose between the cycle of positive and negative thoughts. Therefore, you can either end up on the right or wrong path, depending on your actions. However, it is advisable to practice self-love and self-care in everything you do, especially when making critical decisions to change your thoughts and behavior.

Allowing your emotions to take over at such times can be detrimental to your life. Eliminate and silence your inner critic. It is time to choose positivity over negativity to ensure that you remain happy. As already mentioned, negative thoughts often lead to frustrations, anger, anxiety, and any other unpleasant feeling. Self-care is your job and responsibility.

Do you love yourself? If you do, then loving yourself also means being careful not to hurt other people. Your decision can affect other people either positively or negatively, which will determine the kind of relationships you keep. Taking control of your thoughts helps to ensure your choices benefit others.

As you can see, self-love is broad, and every aspect of it is essential in controlling your thoughts. Use it to prevent frustrations and regrets stemming from any wrong decision made. I practice it many times, and it has been vital in maintaining a positive mindset in light of all challenges.

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4. Know Your Limits

A disciplined mind can support thought processes better. You should know that thoughts are often powerful than we think. They can push you to do something that you are incapable of naturally. Therefore, it is essential to know when to take action before your thoughts lead to undesirable consequences.

Improving your thought process is key to improving your body and brain health, improving work productivity. Allowing your thoughts to push you to the limit is the worst thing that can happen. Therefore, identifying and challenging negative thoughts when they kick in is a critical step towards achieving a positive mindset so you can exercise self-control.

If you ever reach the limits, you should take a step towards recovery. Fear makes no sense. As I mentioned earlier, determining the path that got you to your current state will help you develop a recovery strategy. It would be best to ask yourself critical questions on how you got yourself to such a state before taking action.

Knowing your limits has several benefits and can help to improve the quality of your life. You should take your time and understand your emotional state when negative experiences stretch you to the limits. It can be easier to find an action plan for the current situation and many more in the future.

5. Observation

Observing and read your mind patterns is another important way to develop positive thoughts. The ability to determine which thoughts can lead to undesirable decisions is critical. Take the chance to learn from previous perspectives and change the way you handled them.

Besides, you can observe how your close friends respond positively to negativity and gain better insights from their feedback. You can pick one or two ways that will help you react positively to negative thoughts.

By listening to their words and observing their actions, you can quickly shift your mind from negativity if you can avoid such thoughts. You may also want to do exercise, watch a movie, call a trusted friend, or listen to your favorite songs so you can take your mind off any destructive thoughts.

Experiences in which you were able to control the mind should be learning points. It would be best if you had a proper strategy of shifting your mind from such thoughts every time they come. If you have an actionable plan that guarantees great outcomes, ensure that you stick to it in the event that it happens. Besides, you can also note observable actions from someone else and implement them when necessary.

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As I mentioned earlier, your mind is critical and gets better described as a success tool so do pay more attention to it. No one else can read or know your mind. Any other person can only interpret what you knowingly or unknowingly communicate.

Therefore, where you put your focus into determines the person you become and shape your success. Nothing lasts forever and time can be a great healer. How do you manifest your dreams? It is by learning how to develop positive thoughts and using your mind constructively.

On the flip-side, destructive self thoughts can lead to undesirable and regrettable actions and suffering. The chances are, always remember you have a hard decision to make on the mind control topic.

You decide how long negative or positive thoughts will stay on your mind. In short, life is a journey, not a destination, and your thoughts will shape it. Master the art of knowing how to control your thoughts and use them to your advantage!