Top 5 Forms Of ‘Riches’ We All Want To See In Our Lives

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Riches mean a variety of things. To be ‘rich in something’ means to have more than enough of whatever that is.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, almost anything you desire involves a form of riches. While we each have our own desires, people lean toward certain forms of riches more often than others.

Read on to learn about the top five forms of riches we all want to see in our lives!

1. Monetary Riches

When we hear the word ‘riches,’ most of us think about money or material wealth. [1] I’d be shocked to learn of anyone who wouldn’t be happy to end up rich.

When we picture our perfect future dream, you’d expect to be at least fairly comfortable. Perhaps you envision yourself living in a palace. Others may wish to have a moderate size house. Whatever your desire, the place you wish to live in and the lifestyle you wish to lead will always be such that you will be comfortable and satisfied.

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monetary riches

2. Time Riches

Most if not all of us dread the day our life will come to an end. No amount of focus and determination will give us eternal life. The Law of Attraction is limited only by the other laws of nature.

While we can’t live forever, we can dream about living a long life. If your long-term dream is to live to the age of 120, you will achieve the age with some patience and determination. So long as you never lose sight of your dream, you’ll achieve it.

having time riches

3. Health Riches

Have you ever noticed that some people never get sick? Those with a positive outlook on life tend to remain healthy. If you envision perfect health and remain positive about it, you’ll attract good health into your life.

Disease and troubling allergies will only surface when you lose focus on your goals. It may take some time, but the longer you envision perfect health, the stronger your immune system will become!

health riches

4. Love-life Riches

One of the main things that all us singles look for is our future spouse. While some people do enjoy the simplicity of dating over married life, most of us wish to be stable and married. (Or at least living with one person who we may or may not have an actual marriage certificate with)

As you’ve likely figured out by now, you’ll attract people with similar attitudes to your own. Of course, we will always find people that are very different from us outwardly, but the ones we stick with have a similar wavelength to our own.

That means if you’re a negative person, you’ll attract a negative mate. If you’re satisfied with life, then you’ll likely find a stable, satisfied mate. Be warned!

love-life riches

5. Life Riches

At the core of desire, satisfaction trumps all. Each of us wants the life that we think will make us the most happy. The happiest lifestyle will be different for every person.

Whatever makes you satisfied and happy with life, hold onto it! We all deserve an equal chance at being happy. The longer you hold onto that dream, the closer you’ll get to it!

life riches