How To Start A New Life From Scratch?

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Since 2015, 16 million adults in the United States have had at least one depressive episode. Life can spin out of control, that’s the reality. Whether it’s due to your career, relationships, or even health problem, it’s okay to feel dissatisfied over the choices you made (or didn’t make). Nobody likes to hit the rock bottom. But there is an opportunity for you to start a new life.

Starting over with nothing can be extremely daunting, which is why some people choose to take a step back from it. However, that does not mean you can’t do it. That does not mean it’s impossible. The path we choose, the changes we make, it all requires faith. 

In times of doubt when you can’t see a balance between the outcome and the efforts you put in, we hope this article could provide you with answers on how you can approach the big question – how to rebuild your life from scratch.

Is Starting New Life From Scratch Possible?

Yes, starting a new life alone from scratch is possible even if your gut feeling is telling you otherwise. While this is no way of telling you not to trust your gut, the fact is – starting from the bottom of a mountain seems so far fetched it makes people look only at the present and not ahead.

You can make that choice of halting expectations on how quickly you can reach that peak and build the courage and patience to deal with the challenges ahead so you could keep going.

Remember, each day is a new beginning and chance to change your life for the better. Even when yesterday deemed your effort a failure, the approaches that you take to get on the path of becoming the best version of yourself can remain.

The decision that you make could one day bring you to where you want your life to be. So, believe that you can start over from scratch, and don’t forget that no matter how hopeless things are, you have the power to dictate who you want to be.

Here are some tips:

  • Emotions may play a big part in your life, but your attitude towards it can make a difference
  • You may not have an option to where life leads you to your current circumstances at times, but you have the right to close that chapter to somewhere else it can bring you satisfaction and joy
  • The achievements that you want – to make changes or live your dreams, lies in how you spend your time working towards it

What is your reason to change your experience elsewhere

Understand The Concept Of Starting A New Life

Have Patience

The idea that you’re looking for ways on how to start all over means you desire to have a new chapter in your story. While this sounds like an exciting journey, you have to be prepared that this does not mean a smooth-sailing ride to the mountains’ peak. You’re still going to encounter ups and downs as you path the way to new life.

Hold tight onto your faith that things will – however, get better. The joy of going through this process means you are stronger than before. The development of how to start life over requires you to be persistent and – as childlike as it may seem, believe that dreams do actually come true.

Self-love, inner strength, and the respect you give yourself and others are all essential traits to have during this process. You have a long journey ahead of you, so it is important to start prioritizing which life areas are most important.

Anything is possible, don't let fear and anyone's opinions stop you

Your Cup Is Half-Full

Making mistakes are part and parcel of life – everyone makes them. While learning from your past mistake is important, the effect of agonizing over each and every mistake made could impact your life more than you think.

It burdens you over pessimistic things that you can’t undo and it affects your mental condition. In situations like this, break them down and take on the growth mindset:

  • You just lost a job (maybe a job that you like a lot) – The world of businesses and organizations are so big, it could be a sign that there are better opportunities out there. It’s not too late to take on a new job – probably a new adventure that could bring you further.
  • You just went through a divorce (or broke up with your other half) – Genuinely, give yourself permission to be sad and love who you are. Remember, this does not mean you’re not worth the love. Instead, it just happens that you’re at each other’s end of the chapter. But the pages do not stop there.It could very well be the beginning of another new chapter for someone else searching for you, or it could be a chance for you to improve on becoming a better partner and work on yourself.
  • Your normal routine is put on hold due to a physical injury or illness – This is not the end. No matter how your brain is telling you that it can’t get any worse, the worst thing that you can do to yourself right now is giving up on yourself. So, take a breath, the adversity is a challenge to test your mental strength. You’re much greater than what you think.

Take Full Responsibility

If you want to achieve something, if you want to experience a life far more marvelous than what you have right now, the only person that you should hold accountable for is yourself. The standards that you want for your life, those are decisions that you have to take responsibility. Understanding that you have the option to take control of how you want to put the pieces of puzzles together can bring you further in life.

Your behavior towards experiences lives outside your head

What Are The Things That You Need To Prepare?

Saving Money

There are many potential expenses you need to consider when starting from scratch, such as travel expenses, buying a new home, and much more. Thus, it could be really helpful to have a large sum of money. The solution to gain income could come from two strategies – selling unwanted items and taking up extra shifts.

By taking the step to sell certain belongings, it’s also a good way of letting go of everything that reminds you of the past. Starting all over with a clean slate could give you the motivation to begin the new chapter you want.

When it comes to taking up extra shifts, these could come in ways such as getting flexible side jobs from doing food delivery, driving Uber, or even making money online – writing, video editing, graphic designing, etc.

Have Conversations With Loved Ones

No matter how badly you want to start over, sometimes you need to sit down with your family members (and friends), have a heart to heart conversation, so you could have the “closure” and confidence to move forward. Starting your life from scratch does not necessarily mean putting an exit to all of your past – but the ones that are holding you back from becoming happy and satisfaction.

Letting them know what your thoughts are, and listening to them could sometimes take the weight off your shoulder – provided they are people you still want in your life and whom you know have good intentions for you. To move on, you need to let go of any regrets you have from the past.

Let no one look down at your value of compassion and creativity

Complete Existing Obligations

The reality is, in a situation where you still have obligations weighing you down, it is going to be difficult to start a new life. Take it for granted that you may be in the middle of your education, could you afford to be more patient and complete your school first? Will you be able to wait till you pay off all your debts? You would have to choose either quitting them or finishing them.

Focus On Your Inner Beliefs & Thought Patterns

What goes on in your mind has a lot to do with your current life situation. The stories you tell yourself are a direct correlation to your actions. For example, if you often have negative self-talk such as “I am a failure” or “I can’t do it”, you’ll come up with reasons that things aren’t working. Try rephrasing the thoughts in your mind.

You can start a gratitude journal or start surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people around you. Also, question everything, such as your world views and behaviors. You’ll bring attention to things that aren’t serving you.

Different environment, new hobbies, new habits, new friend

What Are Your Options To Start A New Life?

Just the mere thought on how to start a new life can be extremely frightening. You should realize that you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Having a support group to uplift your mood will provide you with the confidence to move forward.

Mental Help

Having mental health professionals can help you get over the fears you have. They may prescribe helpful exercises such as meditation or yoga. If you are struggling with a relationship, a therapist may be more helpful.

Life Coaching

You’re not meant to figure out everything on your own. Having a life coach can help guide you to where you want to be. They can ask you deeper questions to bring awareness to what is holding you back and how to find your true purpose.

The thing about having a mentor is that they will hold you accountable. If you promised your mentor that you are developing a new habit like going to exercise, you don’t want to end up lying to them. Not to mention, they can impart valuable wisdom and point you in the right direction.

Peer Support

Creating lasting friendships is the key to achieving happiness. Peers can be a sounding board to listen to your problems and provide feedback from their perspective.

Soul searching in a different city

Steps To Begin A New Life

1. Plan Your New Life

Take some time to contemplate your dream life. How would you live if there were no obstacles? Write down your big goals and ideas in a journal. Or create a visual representation of how you want to live your life. For instance, if you love to travel, you can put pictures of all the places you’d like to go to. If you want to pursue your passion of becoming a writer, you can have pictures of your favorite novels or books.

You should be very detailed with your vision. You’ll want to know where you want to live, what you want to spend your time doing, what kind of friends you want to have, and more. Living on your terms is a much better way to live life.

2. Craft Your Plans

Regardless of how big your dream is, you need to devise a plan. One of the biggest aspects of this is your financial game plan. How much money do you need to afford your ideal lifestyle? You should know how much money you’ll need to save each month from hitting your goal. If you’re looking to quit your job to travel the world, you may want to look for work from home resources [1].

You also need to consider how you’ll leave your home. If you own a home, you need to figure out how to sell your property. Also, you’ll need to find a new place to live. You can begin looking for apartments available for rent that match your lifestyle. If you’re someone who wants the flexibility of travel, it’s best to get a cheaper apartment or downsize your living expenses to prepare for your move.

Don't disguise your pain and needs for help, consider counseling if you need

3. Executing Your Action Plans

Now it’s time to make your ideas come to life. Something you can do if you’re short on money is to start taking extra shifts at work or starting a new side hustle. Or maybe your dream is to live in another country. You can begin by taking language courses to prepare for your trip. You don’t have to execute your plans all at once. Do one thing at a time.

4. Arrange The Logistics

Begin to arrange the logistics of your strategy. This consists of moving into your new place and settling into your new location. Some logistics need to be taken care of, such as registering your car in your new state.

Things will get better, find your happy place. Don't ever harm yourself


You have the ability to start from scratch anytime you wish. No matter how long or how difficult it takes, how to start your life over begins from taking that leap of faith. There’s no use in living a life you hate. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Whether you’re searching for success, happiness, spirituality, or adventure, this is a fresh start for you. Take baby steps, and you’ll remember this as being one of the greatest moments in your life.