A Simple Change In Mindset Will Bring Happiness Into Your Life!

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Have you ever found yourself wishing for a better life? Do bad situations keep turning up when you wish they wouldn’t?

I used to think the same things. The truth is, we bring these situations down on ourselves. Now, I’m not saying that bad things happening to us is our own fault. However, any time we feel overwhelmed by a difficult situation is, indeed, our own fault.

Everyone experiences happy times and tough times. It depends on your mindset as to how you will handle these situations. If two people endure the same trial, the more positive of the two will find it easier to overcome.

That being said, how exactly does one change their mindset to a more positive wavelength? Read on to find out!

Hang Out With Positive People

Spending your time with positive people will aid your understanding of what it is that makes them positive. Positive people tend to be easier to hang out with and are much better at decision-making than negative people.

While there is a place for pessimism, constant negativity eats away at your soul. (Believe me, I’ve been there) Better to plan ahead while still hoping for the best.

People who emit positivity vibes attract other positive people. Even if you’re not a positive person yet, hanging out with one or more of them will push you in that direction.

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Avoid Negative Media

These days it seems like 90% of news and media posts are negative and condescending. Consuming all this negativity every day impacts our mindset on a massive scale. The more negative content you absorb, the more negativity swims around in your subconscious thoughts. [1]

Avoiding negative media when possible will help keep negative thoughts out of your mind and allow you to grow in positivity. Catastrophes are happening more and more often these days. Could it be that our focus on negative things is causing the increase?

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Design A Morning Positivity Boost

Generally, the way we feel when we first wake up tends to stick with us most of the day. If you tend to wake up feeling tired and worn out before the day even begins, you’ll only feel worse as it progresses.

To avoid feeling that way, we should have a customized morning positivity boost method. Each of us is a different person, but we all know what we need to get into a positive mindset.

For me, I started talking to myself in the mirror when I wake up. I’d get up, go to the mirror, and tell myself at least five things that I’m thankful for. Sometimes I’d say what I was thankful for about myself while other times it involved someone else I was thankful to have in my life.

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Learn What Works For You

Believe it or not, each of us knows what we want or need to be satisfied and positive. All we need to do is take the time to reflect on it and apply whatever it is to our daily lifestyle.

The longer you work at staying positive, the more it becomes second nature to you. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you don’t even have to think about it, and your life will look bright all the time in sickness and in health!

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