5 Steps On How To Reverse Bad Karma

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Karma has a way of balancing things. The good always gets what they deserve while bad actions or attitudes often result in unpleasant outcomes. The good thing about karmic laws is that people can break the pattern of negative karma, provided they observe the right steps.

What Is Bad Karma?

Bad karma is the opposite of good karma and is often characterized by the occurrence of bad things. You’ll know you have a poor karmic cycle when things just don’t go your way. It could be negative events that don’t appear to come to an end, awful jobs, unfortunate accidents, illnesses, or even unneeded struggles.

Something to note about negative karma is that it’s reversible. Yes, you can change your bad fortunes and attract positive energy to your life.

In case you’re curious about how to reverse your bad karma, then you are in the right place. Read on as we discuss five proven karma cleansing techniques.

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5 Ways To Reverse Bad Karma

1. Identify The Pattern

As you learn how to get rid of bad karma, the golden rule is to first understand where the problem lies. It could be your career that has stagnated for years, love relationships that don’t seem to flourish, or even an uninterruptible chain of negative friends. The whole idea is to understand the experiences or problems that arise from negative karma.

But for you to reverse this, you must be truly honest with yourself. You cannot untie the karmic knots in your life without trying to unearth your behavioral patterns that lead to unending bad luck. Take as much time as possible to identify one, two, or even ten things that could be behind the negativity in your life. Think about the many times you wronged a friend, or you were the source of a problem.

Point to note, you might need to participate in in-depth meditation [1] to develop a much-needed understanding of the root of your problems. Check on recurrent patterns and ask what thoughts or actions promote the bad karmas in your life.

In case you’re having a hard time uncovering your flaws, consider asking a friend or expert to help you understand your situation better. Once you share your thought with someone experienced, you’ll be able to determine the problematic areas in your life.

2. Take Responsibility For It

Did you know that human beings can reverse karma by taking responsibility for their actions? Therefore, once you’re done thinking about all the wrongs you might have done in the past, you should admit to your negative thoughts and actions.

The starting point of karma cleanse is acknowledging that you are responsible for your actions. Identifying the problem isn’t enough; you must go the extra mile and admit that your action led to the negative consequences.

Owning up to your flaws doesn’t mean that you wallow in self-pity. It only means that you are brave enough to face your weaknesses. Take this as an opportunity to come clean about your challenges and the negative impact your actions or choices might have on your immediate environment.

Admitting to your faults will help to give you closure, in the process improving your overall happiness to be happy again. Good karma will start to follow you and your loved ones gradually once you come to peace with your past flaws.

The good thing about owning your weaknesses is that they no longer have power over your present, past, or future. It only proves that you are human enough to make mistakes and take lessons from your past experiences.

As the 12 laws of karma suggest, all things in this universe are connected in several ways. Therefore since our lives are interconnected, owning up for the wrong things you’ve done will help to warm your way back into karma’s good books.

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3. Learn From It

Cleansing karma is more about learning from your past mistakes. It’s almost impossible to do so without learning from your past errors. Good karma follows people who do positive deeds, meaning you’ll reverse bad karma only when you change your ways.

Be sure to audit your past mistakes, checking on events or patterns that you might want to change. The universe responds with an energy similar to the one you produce. For example, you’ll continue experiencing negative results if you keep on repeating the same mistakes.

You have the power to cleanse karma only if you abandon your negative actions, thoughts, or behaviors. Changing your thinking or altering behavior isn’t easy. You might need some assistance from your friends and close family members as you look to alter negative traits or deeds that limit your potential.

Anyone can overcome poor behavior. The idea is to develop a new mindset by taking up positive habits. While developing new habits might be a challenge, remaining consistent by making the new trait a routine will help you to change. The best way to deal with your past is to focus on your reality as you continue changing your view.

Taking lessons from your past experience is the best recipe for overcoming a negative karmic cycle. And since you have the power to change your results, don’t lose patience in learning from your flaws. Put effort into your self-assessment, and good fortunes will soon start to follow you. Remember, while no man is perfect, you should always strive to do right in the eyes of the community.

4. Take Positive Actions

Since karma gives people what they deserve, you’ll attract positivity by taking up positive traits like mindfulness, appreciation, compassion, and even gratitude. Read a lot of to gain insight on transforming negative emotions such that you are never short on inspiration.

Positivity is about understanding that you have the potential for future greatness regardless of the present. You’ll have a lot of peace knowing that you can overcome obstacles provided you move in the right direction. Neither your societal status nor the money you have in the bank can guarantee a lifetime of success.

If you’re not feeling great about your current situation or stalled progress, remaining positive and working hard will yield positive outcomes. Taking positive action will help you to send good energy to the universe, which in turn will make all your negative past experiences worth the while.

When looking to reverse a negative karmic cycle, you’ll need to practice patience and being kind as you continue to learn from the many life lessons. Be cautious of anything you say, from your words to thoughts, as they also have an impact on your overall positivity.

5. Forgive Yourself And Everyone Else

To send out positive energy to the universe, you’ll need to practice the art of forgiveness. Granted, not everyone will make you happy. Some people will cause you so much pain and stress. But instead of sulking about your negative experience with others, focus on the positives that came out from your relationships.

Your well-being greatly depends on how you relate to others. And for you to have peace of mind, you’ll need to forgive people whenever they anger you (since you’ll be wronged many times). Your mental health and even physical health depend on the ways you cope with such a type of challenging situation.

Instead of wearing out your mind by being bitter towards someone, tailor your thoughts towards forgiving. You’ll send positive energy to the universe once you start to reason and harbor thoughts of forgiveness.

To avoid sending negative energy to the world, you’ll also need to learn the art of forgiving yourself. Being too hard on yourself won’t make life any easier. As you forgive people who wrong you, be sure to forgive yourself since self-love and expressing kindness to oneself is a proven resolution.

Changing your viewpoint of the world by practicing forgiving will allow you to work on your flaws. The effect of this is that someone who forgives others is more likely to be forgiven. Always look to forgive yourself before seeking the forgiveness of another person. According to the karmic laws, no relationship is more important than the other – exactly why you should forgive yourself just as you would forgive another person.

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Now that we have discussed how to clear karma, you should be well placed to transform your life and achieve your goals. While you might face difficulty in applying these tips, taking your time to implement something one by one will help you to overturn hardships and unfortunate circumstances.

And since karma is a ‘get what you give’ ideology, you’ll have to focus on transforming your negative character, thoughts, and attitudes. Start small and never shy away from asking for guidance from those you love or seek professional assistance if the need arises.

Once you get started in your journey to overcome bad karma, you’ll need to be prepared in part for setbacks. The truth is, it is normal to make a mistake or two as you look to learn new ways. However, no matter how hard you fall, always get back up and refocus on improving your life.

Move towards your self-improvement goals one step at a time and avoid overburdening yourself with negative thoughts and feelings. Eventually, you’ll notice that everything will start falling in place and working for the better – it only takes a bit of patience.