What Are Things To Be Thankful For?

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With the various challenges that come as part of life, it’s important to be thankful for the little achievements. Although being thankful doesn’t eliminate the bad days, it plays a pivotal role in making you happy and fulfilled.

And with all the ups and downs associated with ‘adulting,’ we can’t help but appreciate our small wins. Doing so not only helps cheer us up but also keeps us hopeful and optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Is It Important To Be Thankful?

The importance of thankfulness cannot be overstated. Cultivating the habit of gratitude helps us to make the most out of our situations as opposed to sulking in our worries. Moreover, being thankful also promotes positivity, especially since you realize that despite the hardships and difficulties, you have still achieved a great deal.

On most occasions, we tend to neglect small gifts such as being alive and surrounded by loved ones. Appreciating these and other gifts is important, especially if you want to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Want to know some of the things to be grateful for? Then you’ll love our things to be thankful for list, which discusses some of the important gifts that should always feature on your gratitude list.

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10 Things To Be Thankful For In Your Life

1. Being Alive

If someone asks, what are the three things you’re thankful for? Your answers will probably include the gift of life somewhere. Unfortunately, people often take life for granted, instead, choosing to focus on the challenges associated with everyday life.

No matter the challenges you might be going through, every day you spend alive is a gift that not everyone receives. Therefore, even when everything appears to be going south, life is one thing to be thankful for since it means you still have a chance to rectify or improve your situation.

2. Having A Home

In case everything appears dull in your life, and you’re wondering what to be thankful for, take a second, look at your home, and give thanks. It’s part of human nature to desire what we don’t have while ignoring what we have. You might not live in the poshest places, but the fact that you have a bed and a peaceful enough environment to call home is enough of a blessing.

Before you take your home for granted, remember the homeless people and children in our country who would give just about anything to experience sunsets and sunrises at home. Therefore, when your feeling low, be thankful that you have a place to sleep, drink water, host guests, and even watch a movie or two.

3. Being In Good Health

Good health is another perfect answer to the question of what to be grateful for. Every day that you and your loved ones are healthy is reason enough to give thanks. Remember, not everyone is lucky enough to have a healthy heart, mind, or body without any problems. As a result, you should find joy in the fact that you don’t need medicine to support or guarantee your next breath.

Most people with illnesses struggle with medication and receiving high-quality healthcare. But you should count yourself lucky if you have nothing to complain about when it comes to your physical well-being.

one way is to practice gratitude journaling and jot down thoughts and acts of kindness

4. Food On The Table

When asked what two to three things are you most thankful for in your life? The most common answers are usually food, shelter, and clothing. Since a large percentage of people sleep hungry without eating or drinking water, you should take every opportunity to give thanks for your ability to feed your family.

Not too many people have opportunities to eat three meals. Some children have to go to school hungry without a single meal, yet you are often lucky enough to order pizza at your own convenience. Therefore, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, take the time to appreciate that cup of tea you always take at the beginning of the day.

5. Family

Life would be meaningless without the memories that arise from family traditions. Having a sister, wife, husband, child, and parents is a massive blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. A look at past photographs and memories of childhood experiences and conversations should provide enough motivation to persevere through the hard times.

The purpose of family is to support you through the good and bad moments right from birth. Due to this, it is advisable always to maintain close relationships with your family and close friends, since they know the true you, and will stand by you no matter the circumstances.

6. Clothes To Wear

You might feel like an underachiever, but before you do, check on the sheets, pajamas, shoes and even socks you’ve managed to buy on Amazon or other retailers. It might not look like a lot, but having enough in your pockets to buy just one piece of clothing should improve your attitude.

Instead of focusing on how hard you’ve been hit by the rain, you should be thankful for the fact that you can change after hitting the shower. Not everyone has the ability to do so or maintain a closet packed with outfits of different colors.

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7. Money In The Bank

It might not be anything close to a million dollars or what your co-workers earn, but having some cash saved up in your bank account is reason enough to practice gratitude. Provided you have a job that gives you financial freedom and allows you to buy the basic items, then you should be grateful.

Studies indicate that income has a huge impact on the quality of life. However, you don’t have to afford holidays or first class air transport for you to be happy. Appreciating the little amount that you’ve managed to set aside will keep you happy, ensuring that you send out positive energy to the universe.

8. Friends And Loved Ones

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is reason enough to be thankful. Unfortunately, we tend to under-appreciate our blessings, instead, placing focus on our worries. While friends might fail to provide solutions all the time, they can offer words of advice or point out our flaws, which is vital for self-improvement.

Good friends will help you to overcome stress, exactly why humans thrive on friendships. Some act as voices of reason, which helps to promote excellence, ensuring that you make advances in your career or personal life.

9. The Free Pleasures Of Life

We often take for granted the simple things in life such as watching movies, camping, hiking, air conditioning, and even attending parties. Thanks to agencies like Netflix, it’s possible to watch a TV show, play your favorite game online or perform other activities that fulfill your passion.

Technology continues to improve life on earth, making it possible for us to share laughter, our emotions, or knowledge through social media.

One thing the age of the internet has done is to make our daily existence a lot interesting. You can easily listen to the music of your preference or stream a blockbuster movie, which are some reasons to be grateful for. We also live in a world where human rights such as freedom of speech are constantly being promoted, helping to make the world a better place.

10. Wisdom Of The Human Brain

Animals can’t pray to God, participate in education, or even share ideas, making it hard to change their difficult situations without human involvement. But as humans, we have the chance to work hard, develop ideas, read books, all of which boost our chances of success and productivity.

Our superior minds allow us to learn from our mistakes and research on an idea or imagination that has the potential for growth. Therefore, no matter the situation you might be facing, remember that anyone can achieve their goals, provided they remain focused and develop positive habits.

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How To Practice Gratitude In Your Everyday Life

Talk To Friends And Family

Sometimes we all need a reminder of our blessings or a different perspective to ours. Talking to a friend or family member will help you to keep track of your blessings, ensuring that you view your every day alive positively, taking note of all your small wins.

Meditate Regularly

Meditation helps to guide your focus, allowing you to find comfort in a situation that another might term as tragic or unfortunate. [1] Regular meditation widens your eyesight, helping you to focus on your fears, consequently ensuring that you view life as a half-full and not half-empty glass.

Take Time To Think About Others

Detaching from personal issues is one way to think about the unfortunate issues faced by other people. So many lives are in danger of starvation, medical issues, debts, among thousands of other potential fatal issues. Taking time to think about the plight of other people will help you to learn just how blessed you are, therefore making you more grateful.

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What are you thankful for? No matter how hard things might get, there’s always something to be grateful for. If you are thinking ‘ I want to be happy again‘, know that gratitude is the source of happiness and positivity, it’s crucial to cultivate a habit of thankfulness, especially when things aren’t going as planned.

As you have seen from our list of things to be grateful for, gratitude not only gives you the feel-good factor, but it also boosts your self-esteem, making you a happy and fulfilled person.

Remember, you can make a difference despite your challenges. The best way to get over feelings of pain and underachievement or disappointment is to look for rainbows or sunshine in the rain. Life isn’t easy, but taking the time to appreciate just one small victory will go a long way in keeping you sane, motivated, and happy.