How To Make Someone Feel Special

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Let’s face it, we often take people in our life for granted and do not do the small stuff that makes them feel important and special. Whether it may be your parents, siblings, significant other, family member, workmates, classmates, or simply someone you know, they all desire the same thing: feeling special.

Making someone feel special doesn’t have to be complicated. We might not always be able to offer big gestures, but there are many ways to show our loved ones that they are special and they matter to us – it only takes a little time, effort, and consideration.

So the burning questions are: How do you make your best friend feel special? How do you tell someone they are important? How do you tell someone that you are loved and appreciated? Read on to learn how to make people feel good and loved.

9 Simple Ways To Make Someone Feel Special

Here are some important ways on how to make people feel special:

1. Give Them Your Full Attention

When you’re speaking to someone, maintain eye contact, nod, smile, respond appropriately, quote them, and they will definitely feel important. This is referred to as active listening and is an important skill in business. It is also a great way to show how you care about someone and to show people they are important.

Honing your active listening skills is one way that will help one feel they matter when around you and can also help to strengthen your relationships with them. [1]

Keeping your phone away when they are around is also an important thing to note. Experts say that one feels recognized and appreciated when you give them your undivided attention. Therefore, listen to everything they say and respond accordingly. When you listen to people, their fondness and love for you will grow deeper since you have taken the time to listen to them, even if you’re not able to solve their issues.

2. Recognize Them For Who They Are

We are all human and desire to be recognized for who we are. Rich or not, male or female, black or white, child or adult, we all deserve to be equally valued and appreciated as human beings first.

Something we all want is to be recognized and appreciated, particularly by people we truly love and care about. Celebrate your friend’s little achievements and let them be who they are. That way, you can create a room for every person around you to be themselves.

Avoid jumping to judgment or criticizing them whenever they do anything wrong. Listen to them without judging and don’t ask questions if they tend to be defensive. You need to realize that everybody has strengths and weaknesses and therefore, you should avoid comparing them to others – especially negatively.

Do all this and much more without asking for anything in return other than true friendship and love. In any case, we are all human and have the ability to be good friends at all times. Once you’ve established self-acceptance, you will always find something or some way to offer others.

3. Make Time For Them

Unique gifts from the heart are truly the best. Giving someone the gift of time shows that you care. Try to find time for each other, go with your heart, and enjoy each other’s company, always. You can plan regular meet-ups to give undivided attention and priority to each other; allow things to flow naturally. Such regular meetings will give the impression that you enjoy being around them.

You can also decide to watch something together – pick a good movie and of course, avoid checking your phone or other kinds of distractions when you’re together.

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4. Be Spontaneous

Who doesn’t like surprises? Even if some people claim that they don’t like surprises, they certainly like it when someone does something good for them. You would also like to do something special for someone you love.

Whether it’s planning a day of fun, buying them a spontaneous gift card, writing a note or letter to a loved one, preparing a surprise dinner, or arranging a trip to somewhere they have always wanted to visit, it’s not so hard to impress someone your love.

With a bit of creativity, you can surprise someone you love and remind each other not to take your relationship for granted. Seeing their face light up is the best feeling ever.

5. Share Yourself With Them

How to tell someone they are special is by sharing yourself with them so you can make them feel they matter. Opening up to your wife, partner, or someone else you love will make the other person feel important, so make sure to share your feelings, emotions, opinion, aspirations, dreams, and stories with them.

Share something about your deepest feelings, fears, and concerns with other people to let them know that you truly appreciate their wisdom, advice, and support.

Also, share something you know they would like. Share your activities, food, tools, and resources with them. If cooking is one of your hobbies, invite them and put in the effort to prepare a home-made dinner or a simple hot chocolate drink. Know their likes and preferences so you can share whatever they enjoy together.

Talk to them. Say their name frequently in conversation. Watch out for the words you say to them. Be nice to everyone around you. Let them know that they aren’t alone. Make connections with one another because it’s such connections that determine the life you lead.

6. Provide Them With Adequate Physical Affection

Physical touch is one of the best ways to make known and express your feelings. It’s typically associated with great relationships since it helps others feel closer to you. Research has shown that kids who receive physical affection at home have lower stress levels and enjoy more satisfaction.

Some important ways you can show greater love language include holding hands, back rubs, hugging, holding, kissing, cuddling, and massages. There are definitely more ways that would strengthen your relationship and make the other party feel special whenever they are around you.

Give people a hug to help lift their spirits. Try and pat them each time you want to praise them. Hold their hand when they are fearful. Cuddle up to them rather than keeping distance on the sofa when at home.

You may also give them a massage to let them know that you would also appreciate receiving it. Literally kiss them, hold hands in public, and sit close to them to ensure you enjoy physical connection. If they don’t like too much physical contact, you can try giving them a firm handshake to let them know that you appreciate and respect their choices.

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7. Create A Habit To Check On Their Well-Being

Checking on your loved ones has great benefits for their well being, mainly keeping them physically young and emotionally satisfied. It may seem like a given, but making it a habit to check on them can make them genuinely happy.

Set plans to call a parent/grandparents or send them a quick message while on the job can be a valuable reminder that you are thinking of them even if you are not around them.

If someone special has crossed your mind and you haven’t interacted with them in some way today or recently, then you should check on them to let them know that you care about them. Return their calls if you may have missed them.

Get into the habit of checking on your loved ones from time to time by calling or texting them. Sometimes it is impossible to visit your buddies and close relatives in person, regardless of how much you want to check on them and spend some quality time with them.

Thankfully, there are many other ways that you can remind your loved ones that you love them, including something as simple as emails, social media, letters, cards, and photos. Regular communication can help bridge the distance, and reduce loneliness, so get into a habit of checking on them regularly. It can mean the world to them.

8. Encourage Them

Although we all want to fulfill our responsibilities, succeed, and achieve our goals, we all need some form of encouragement. No one is saved from going through stages in their life of feeling down, and we would all love to have someone talking to us and reassuring us that things will be fine.

It is important to know how to make someone feel better about themselves and what to say, especially when they were down. Believe in them even when they seem to be in doubt. Friends and family believe in our abilities. Therefore, they offer encouragement and support that we require to become better in various aspects of our lives.

If you think the love of your life is doing a good job at work, compliment them often. Both adults and children enjoy it when we offer compliments about something be it their appearance or sense of fashion. Encourage their dreams and celebrate their successes, whether it’s at work or school. Nothing will encourage them more to do better.

So, it’s important to be more considerate and try to encourage and motivate others. It’s best to be there for anyone who needs some form of support that will definitely make a difference and enable them to get through their difficult moments.

9. Create Memories Together

Every day is an opportunity to create precious memories with friends and loved ones. It gives you a chance to discover new things that interest both of you and to enrich your story together. Here’s how to make someone feel loved by creating a new memory together.

Find ways to spend time together or visit a place where neither of you has visited before. Call them up to join you on a new adventure or spend some time doing something valuable to the two of you. Another idea would be to plan a memorable event, either to mark an achievement or to celebrate a victory, no matter how small. Ask them to join you in a sporting activity or spa event to help strengthen your bond.

You may also give them a ticket or two to an event you think they would enjoy. Inviting them to a group event can be a great gesture to show someone that you consider them an important part of your life. If you’ve had a bad day at work, let them know that you miss them and perhaps ask them out for a cup of coffee.

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There are numerous other simple ways on how to make someone feel good about themselves and recognized. Get your creative juices flowing, and find new ways to make sure you show how you feel about someone. Think about what you’d like other people to do for you. Everyone wants to be loved, appreciated, and listened to.

The more you make others believe that they are appreciated and loved the more satisfied they will be. They will realize that they truly matter and that their ideas, thoughts, and contributions were genuinely recognized and valued.

They feel important, rather than just being taken for granted. By helping other people to feel special, you are helping to make the world a better place to live. The kindness and simple acts of service you show them might make a world of a difference in their life and may be the shining light they need to get through difficult times.