Activate Your Higher Mind For Success Through Affirmations

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How you view yourself each day depicts the level at which your life is progressing or regressing. Because it all happens in your mind, you need to take each moment to pay more attention to your thinking and awareness. Your mind has the power to break or make your life.

The image that reflects the way you are each day, exists in the mind. That is the image that influences your subconscious mind [1] psychologically gearing you towards success or failure.

Each day, there are thoughts that impress the magnetic part of your brain radiating them out and attracting the likeness of those thoughts in your life. They make you more attractive to others, bring new opportunities and success, or do the opposite.

What Are Positive Affirmations For Success?

These are positive statements or self-declaration of a specific goal. Some of them may sound basic, but normally they are mantras of empowerment with profound effects. Daily affirmations can create the life of your dreams and expectations.

Successful people from top athletes to accomplished entrepreneurs know that using their willpower to steer success is never enough. They understand the need for letting go of negative thoughts and work towards bombarding their minds with positive thoughts.

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How Should You Engage Your Mind Positively?

It all begins with daily affirmations. These are simple statements describing a goal you aim to achieve and your capacity to do so. For instance, you would say,

  • “I can’t wait for the day I graduate and walk away with my MBA.”
  • “I am so excited that I am just about to strike the deal of the year for my company.”

Repeating affirmations every day, reprograms your mind for success. You are able to eliminate negative beliefs that could limit you to receive your victory. When your mind is at a comfort zone, you are trapped in mediocrity where you believe others can but you can’t. Activating your mind through affirmations replaces your doubts with certainty and confidence.

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How Affirmations Keep You Focused

Positive affirmations for work or school success when done consistently and properly can prevent you from sabotaging yourself through thinking negatively about your capability. Success is a game of the mind.

If you see yourself as an achiever, nothing can block your goals. This is a communication that happens between your conscious and subconscious mind. It means you can think positively or negatively about yourself without thinking about it on purpose. Affirmations can help manifest the success you want.

When you give yourself negative affirmations, you are bound to suffer from low self-esteem, negative attitude, and make poor decisions. You can change your mind by performing a self-hypnosis or make use of positive affirmation.

The reason many people do not reach their full potential is because they carry self-doubt. They keep holding on to limiting beliefs instilled in them, for instance, in their childhood by their guardians or their school teacher who perhaps said they were good for nothing.

A positive message is instantly sent to your subconscious mind each time you give yourself a positive affirmation. These thoughts create vibrations for joy, fulfillment, and happiness through the law of attraction magnetizing people, and opportunities into your life.

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Creating Positive Affirmations

By now, you know that both negative and positive affirmations affect the law of attraction. Positive affirmations can reshape your beliefs and attitudes that may have held you back. Learn about this secret way to gain success.

Each time you want to manifest your dreams, be careful of the words of affirmation you use. If you are struggling with affirmations, here are a few tips to guide you.

1. Focus On Your Negative Thought

What are you trying to attract, and what are the beliefs that might be holding you back? Is there a trait or a fear that is stopping g you from vibrating in the right frequency? The most common negative thoughts include:

  • “Everyone gets bored with me.”
  • “I am not as good as…”
  • “I keep messing everything up.”

Each time you put such thoughts to mind, a feeling of lack of self-worth haunts you. Learn to convince your mind that you are awesome, and you can be successful. That is the only way you can create a positive image of yourself and cause your frequency to vibrate correctly.

2. Externalize The Negative Thought

You can do this by writing down the negative thought haunting your mind. It is a good way of disconnecting with it and not keep it inside as part of who you are. Replace those thoughts with words of encouragement. Some people find it a great way of disconnecting with the negativity by tearing the paper and burning it, scribbling it, or throwing it away.

3. Make Positive Beliefs The Center Of Your Affirmation

Replace the negative thoughts with positive affirmations. At first, you might think it’s a crazy move to just impose things you don’t believe in. With time, it will all make sense. Be sure to remove all the negative connotations from your affirming words including: can’t, won’t, etc.

For instance, instead of replacing “I am lazy” with “I am not lazy”; say “I am extremely hardworking.” This is how you can gain success through the power of thought.

4. Repeat The Affirmations

Because you are fighting to embed the affirmations in your mind, you need to repeat them daily until your mind gets used to and believes in them. Some people find them effective by repeating it multiple times in one sitting, others swear to the hourly repetition, while others do it once each day.

The other way you can do it is using sticky notes on your mirror, your workstation, your fridge, and any other place you frequent. Begin by writing down at least 3 affirmations about yourself that have affirmed that you have already achieved certain goals. Then decide on the time of day you will be practicing them.

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Your thoughts stimulate your emotions and are usually the building blocks of your self-image. The point is, you need to add positive energy to your physical, psychological, and spiritual life. It is a process that will help you see yourself in a more positive light. When you realize that this is a success mechanism, you will allow it to work for you to achieve limitless possibilities.