What You Need To Know About Twin Flames

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Isn’t it interesting how two strangers can meet and have a deeper connection that later blossoms into something special – like a love relationship or even an intimate kind of friendship? And what does it mean when people say something like “the newlyweds have special chemistry between them”?

Every one of us wants that other half. We want to experience that extraordinary feeling of love, passion, and belonging with the one we’ve been searching and longing for, ever since the beginning of our life. Some define them as twin flames, others call it soulmate. Are they the same?

What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is, simply put, your other half. It is that person that you feel deeply connected to, and not only on the emotional and physical level but, also on a spiritual and soulful level.

It’s one soul that has been separated into female and male halves. A human blueprint, as epitomized by Eve when she was created from Adam as his helper. [1] According to the traditional Greek mythology, your soul mate is on the other side assisting you with trials and tribulation as well as other earthly things.

They are your lovely archangel, lifting you up when you are low, giving you hope, strength, and direction when you’re feeling alone and lost. This relationship is almost similar to that of identical twins in that they have an almost telepathic relationship yet they have their own separate lives.

Our desire to find our twin soul is fueled by our profound longing and unconscious love that is within us. A twin soul relationship happens when two different people are a perfect match for each other as a result of their shared difficulty or pain. The key factor in the relationship is vibrancy between the two individuals, and that is what differentiates a twin flame from a life partner.

You would think that a twin flame relationship will be perfect, that everything will be okay. But the truth is that you both are still human living on this earth, and regardless of how connected you are, there will still be issues and therefore the relationship will require devotion and work.

twin flame in life meaning like you’ve known two people with flame energy or soul connection, i.e. flame connections and vice versa

What Is The Difference Between Twin Flames And Soulmates?

Here are some differences between soulmates vs twin flames.

Soul mate relationships are about love, a twin flame isn’t

A soulmate or a life partner is someone you are truly in love with. It is someone who is attracted to you, and to whom you have unconditional love and vise versa. Life partners are all about love.

So, what are twin flames? Twinflame, on the other hand, is more than love, It is more or less about truth. Twin flame relationships can revolutionize one’s life, changing it so dramatically that they may appear a new person. A twin flame can see who you truly are, and he or she is comfortable with the way you are.

It is the best fit, particularly when it comes to internal challenges and struggles. Since a twin flame is your other half – a mirror image of you, being in a twin flame relationship is like being in a relationship with self (a representative of you) when you love yourself enough, and therefore you both seem to understand each other’s feelings, tribulations, and way of thinking.

According to Dr. Valejos, ‘The true purpose about twin flame, transcends emotional highs, great sex, and a beautiful love story – it is meant to shake you up, wake you up, and lift you higher. It is a present given by the higher being – one that you can only realize if you let go of all the small things that you’ve been holding on for a while now, and is no longer of use to you anymore.’

In short, while a soulmate strives to establish a deeper loving connection, a twin flame love focuses on establishing a deeper connection through shared problems or pain. It is about unmasking yourself and laying bare the truth about you and everything as a whole. And as a result…

many people wonder what is the difference between twin flame vs soulmate, soulmate vs twin flame - soul mates and life partner differ from a flame union in a sense

Unlike your soulmate, your common twin flame is meant to unearth the truth, causing you a lot of pain

As you probably know, relationships are never easy. They are meant to create a bond, nature friendship, and create comfort. However, just like there is no river without a source, relationships sometimes hurt. The Mills brothers put it so well when they said “you’ll always hurt the person you care for; you’ll always take the sweetened rose and crush it until the petals fall”.

Even two people who were meant for each other, life partners through and through or soulmates, sometimes causes a bit of pain and conflict to one another as they go through the journey of development. It is simply unavoidable that people in search of a deep and long-lasting relationship end up having conflicts.

That being said, twin flame relationships are to an extend meant to cause pain. Without pain, no true transformation will take place. This is further emphasized in the definition of intense personal growth where it is stated that; a person must undergo great pain to achieve great transformation. The pain we experience in our normal relationship with our soulmate or life partners not only makes us stronger, but it also helps us to grow.

The learning here majorly touches on working together, tolerating each other, and respecting each other’s opinions. As for twin flames relationships, the pain is about digging up dirt from the other individual so that it can be cleansed – but the process of unearthing hurts like hell.

Soulmates are meant to be there for a lifetime but twin flame is someone you’d want to get away from

Both twin flame and soulmate are relationships that can last for a long time. The only difference is that soulmates are by choice while twin flames are not. We opt (without coercion or fate) to spend the rest of our lives with our soulmate but a twin flame is the type of a person who comes into our lives, leaves, and comes back again – and the circle continues until the baggage/pain that connected us is completely removed.

It is the removal of baggage or pain that prevents twin souls from being an ‘eternal’ relationship. So, no matter what you do, the twin flame relationship will end the moment the root cause of the connection is solved, however long it takes.

Twin flames relationships are usually symbiotic; meaning the other helps you grow and you reciprocate by helping them as well. The growth happens as a result of the revelation of our inadequacy and deepest pain. Physical proximity accelerates growth, breaking all those misguided and false internal structures until the truth is laid bare. The connections are flawless.

There are 7 twin flames stages and they are as follows:

  1. Awareness (having the feeling that something is missing in your life);
  2. The awakening (knowing your commonalities);
  3. The test (understanding your oneness);
  4. The crisis (disagreement, worries, and anxiety);
  5. The running and chasing;
  6. Surrender;
  7. The reunion and joining

twin flame stages have the potential and possibility to help us change thoughts, life lessons, acceptance, strengths, wholeness, mind, weaknesses, etc. unlike a life partner

10 Signs Of A Twin Flame Relationship

1. You Feel At ‘Home’ With Each Other

Apart from feeling at home you also feel safe in the presence of your soul twin. Simply put, twin flame signs often brings out the best in you in all circumstances. You often feel like you can take on the world while with one another. This type of feeling can make you grow in ways you never thought possible.

2. You Connect Instantly And Intensely With The Other

You can’t seem to shake the thought of meeting him/her again. This is often a major sign that you have met your twin flame. The connection is simply not forced and comes out automatically the moment you meet the person. It is way deeper than simply just manifesting love and falling in love with this person.

3. You Feel Like You Can Be Your Authentic Self With Each Other

You are not afraid of your blemishes and shortcomings. Have you ever been with someone that you simply do not feel the need of hiding your mistakes and shortcomings when you are around them? You do not fear rejection when with them. With them, you can simply let loose and be the most genuine part of yourself. Well, a twin relationship does just that.

twin flames symptoms around each other differ from life partner energies

4. You Mirror Each Other’s Aspirations In Life

Twin relationships often thrive to make each other better. You hold each other accountable and push each other to achieve the very best as you go through the same experiences. Nothing can be better than this.

5. You Can Be Honest With Each Other About Everything

You become your true you in his/her presence. When in this form of intimacy you do not feel the need to hide aspects of your life that you feel people will judge you harshly about. You simply feel comfortable enough to be the real you. You simply share the same values

6. You Understand Complex Parts About The Other

Human beings are complex therefore the best person that can really no more about you is your better half. Twin flames get to know each other better than any other person can thus make these kinds of relationships richer.

for example, you neither have to put a front nor excuse your insecurities around the other with caution during bad times and obstacles

7. You Heal Each Other’s Wounds

Since you understand what the other is going through, twin flame relationships are between individuals who connect well at a deeper level hence understanding what one another is feeling. This helps them advise and heal each other’s pain when they are going through painful periods.

8. You Expose Each Other To New Perspectives

You make one another better people. Being able to simply give out a different point of view concerning a situation is an underrated life skill, Helping people see a different point of view helps them make the right decisions and allows them to be better.

accept flaws, faults of each other with compassion and kindness without stress, and share similarities in dreams, mindsets, opportunities, etc.

9. You Intuitively Know What The Other Is Thinking About

A simple glance, and you know what one another is thinking. Twin flames are connected at a deeper level therefore they tend to feel and think alike. This helps the couple move forward as one and enjoy the unity that comes with this. It makes you one with the Universe.

10. You Make Each Other Better People

The main aim of any relationship is to make each other better. What better way to do this than have a person that you connect with, in a deeper way.

in fact, you can turn to each other about anything and have the ability to share emotions and trauma for healing with recognition and ease


The truth about twin flames relationships is that everybody has one twin. Our soul was once bound to another human being in the past. And twin flames relationships, bring these two different but compatible souls together. If you’ve already met yours, well done, and all the best for you.

Remember that it is not all rainbows and sunshine, but the coming together of these souls is magical – a combination of happiness and love. It gives clarity to your existence. If you are still searching, don’t despair, when the stars align, you’ll have your day in the sun. All you should know is that there is a twin flame for you. So, practice manifestation every day.

Be conscious of the law of attraction and look out for people you share a common interest with. Lastly, relationships can provide amazing fundamental growth, and can be as powerful as any spiritual growth. And there is no better demonstration than a twin relationship.