All You Need To Know About Giving Up On Love

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Ever heard the saying – love makes the world go round? In a real sense, it does since we cannot exist without it and we are nothing without it. We need know how to manifest love and how to manifest your dreams to eventually feel complete and thrive in our lives.

But while finding and holding on to true love is important, finding your soul mate is anything but easy. Almost everyone has experienced some form of heartbreak at some point, but the idea is to keep moving on, believing that true love will eventually come your way.

Reasons Why You May Be Giving Up on Love

We all have our reasons to give up. On most occasions, however, people tend to give up due to bad experiences and things that led to constant heartbreaks [1]. Below are some of the reasons why you might find yourself losing hope of enjoying love at some point in life.

Fear of Commitment

It could be that your past relationship was troublesome, or that you have been unlucky in your previous relationship. However, a toxic relationship enables you to create space for loving another. Either way, bad past tend to impact our view of love negatively, consequently instilling the terror of commitment in us.

The thought that future relationships will end in tears is a huge reason for giving up. As a result, it is important to avoid generalizing your past since doing so denies you the chance to care to find true love.

If your past commitment was unsuccessful, give yourself enough time to heal but don’t deny yourself the opportunity to meet new people by avoiding future commitments. Even the princess had to kiss several frogs before landing on her prince, so just take the bad experiences as lessons of love as opposed to the end of love.

Lack of Self-Worth

Low self-worth is a matter of situation where you see yourself as unworthy or undeserving of love. The trouble of insufficient self-worth leads to self-loathe, which in turn forces you to pin all the past relationship failures on yourself, thereby giving up on relationships.

For any relationship to be successful, the two parties must in be in complete sync, understanding that differences and other things will arise, but can be solved through hard work and commitment. Giving up love due to the fear that your feelings, personality, or character isn`t worthy of it is an indirect method of condemning yourself to a lifetime of loneliness.

Dont give up on love just because your past relationship (s) was toxic. Instead, believe that you deserve someone better, one who understands you for who you are and not someone who compares you to everyone else.

Practical Aspects of Life

In fact, things like to give up on finding true love also results from unfortunate life experiences. It could be a demanding career that thoroughly depletes your social life, disability, or even persistent health complications that just don`t seem to go away.

You`ll notice that when you give up on love due to life`s uncontrollable situation, chances of finding true love become increasingly slim and you close the door of love. Therefore, it is advisable to learn your lesson to accept things that you cannot change. People who`ve given up on love due to life`s uncontrollable events more often than not find it hard in order to meet and date new people.

Accepting that life has its ups and downs will allow you to find someone who accepts you for who you are. Therefore, if you don’t want to end up bitter and full of regrets, don’t give up on love due to life`s unfortunate events. Instead, learn to accept that life is unpredictable and believe that you`ll find the right person at the right time.

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The Difference Between Letting Go and Giving Up On Love

“I give up on love” and “I gave up on love” are common phrases made by people who`ve experienced toxic relationships. Giving up on love means that you don`t expect to date anyone in the future due to negative past actions. Put simply, “I’ve given up on love” is a term that you should steer clear from if you want to find it in the future.

Giving up on love isn`t advisable since we all need to love and be loved. Therefore, you shouldn`t abandon your hopes of finding true love even if your past girlfriend or man was toxic for you. You have to believe that happiness will eventually come in your journey of true love.

For instance, instead of saying that you`ve given up on relationships, it’s better to let go of a relationship if you feel like its heading nowhere. Letting go of love is not giving up on love. It simply means that you`ve weighed the pros and cons of a relationship and decided that it`s time to take a break with the possibility of dating later on.

Letting go of a relationship means you`ve accepted that your ex wasn`t your soulmate and that the breakup was necessary for personal growth. Although letting go might come with a lot of pain and the feeling that all is collapsing, it`s usually the best method to recover from heartbreak or an unsuccessful relationship.

Why You Should Not Give Up on Love

If you`re wondering how to give up on love, stop! The reality is that no one is perfect and that its normal for couples to fight (not physical violence) every now and then. A failed experience with your dream guy or girl doesn`t mean that all future relationships will be unsuccessful. You have to take courage and believe that your future lover or spouse is one or two unsuccessful relationships away.

There is no expert when it comes to love. You`ll need to trust the process and trust that you`ll find someone who brings the best out of you. Giving up on finding love exposes you to the risk of living in solitude, which in turn can compromise your mental health. So instead of giving up on love, let go of the baggage that came with your past relationship, maintaining an open mind that you`ll date once you find the right person.

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5 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

1. Timing Is Everything

The beauty of love is that it has no timeline. While we often set timelines for when we want to become parents or start businesses, love doesn`t work like that. The choice to find a wife or husband should be based on the love and passion that you feel towards someone.

You can find it in your twenties or even when you`re about to enter your senior years since love has no time limit. The solution is to focus on being the best version of yourself, avoiding the negative energy that results from pressures in society.

Rushing into love leaves a lot of room for disappointment, especially when the bad moments start. Therefore, take as much quality time as possible to learn more about your love interest before you start dating.

2. Learn To Enjoy Single Life

The truth and the good news is single living is just as good as being in a serious relationship. Due to this, you should enjoy hanging out with your circle friends and knowing more about yourself before trying to establish a connection with others. Men and women are known to love romance, with sex and affection being a major part of relationships.

Therefore, avoid focusing on dating and be patient enough to find comfort in the place that you`re currently in. Avoid subjecting yourself to age-related pressures which can force you to settle for an incompatible partner. The trick is to respect your priorities and focus on improving yourself before thinking about dating others and giving it a shot.

3. All It Takes Is One Person

Destiny favors the brave. Therefore, you must remain hopeful that the ideas of the mother of your children or father of your children is somewhere out there. The advantage of heartbreaks is that you`re moving closer to finding your soul mate. Don`t allow unsuccessful dates to cloud your relationship goals.

No one on this planet is perfect, so don`t waste your time thinking about your past dating failures. Be hopeful that the right person will come straight to your arms at the right time.

4. You`re Deserving Of Love

Learning how to give up on someone you love isn`t easy. But with the right amount of guidance, you can let go of unsuccessful relationships without giving up on true love. The world will always give you the chance to date again, provided you believe that you`re good enough to find love.

Success in dating doesn`t come on the basis of luck, but rather unending faith and belief that the right person is somewhere out there. Therefore, avoid negative thoughts of any kind that can cause you pain. Take the first step out. Never compromise on your beliefs or change who you are to suit someone else. Always believe that you`re beautiful and smart enough to turn heads and attract someone who truly meant for you.

5. Finding Love Takes Effort

If you feel like taking a break from dating or finding it, remember that good thing come to those who wait and put enough effort. To succeed as a couple, you`ll need to understand that problems will always be there. However, the thing is that it is how you handle disappointments that determine whether you and your partner will succeed.

In case you`ve been unsuccessful in your search for true love, don`t give up since love has no timeline. Talk to a friend or close family members when you feel your strength is running out. You can even read books on love to keep you motivated about finding true love.

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No matter your level of disappointment in love, the bottom line is you should never allow yourself to give up and should avoid taking any action without consulting. Giving up means you doubt your ability to find a compatible partner, which shouldn`t be the situation.

Therefore, in other words, instead of turning your back on love, consider letting go of unsuccessful relationships since doing so will give you closure.

But regardless of the battle you face and number of disappointments you`ve faced, always have hope that your better half is somewhere out there waiting for you, waiting to care for you. While it might take time, the wait will be worth it when you find that person that takes your breath away.